The MIE Racing Honda Team is pleased to announce that it has reached a sponsorship agreement with RDS Co., Ltd. for the 2022 Superbike World Championship season.

Based in the Saitama prefecture in Japan, RDS Co., Ltd. develops and manufactures advanced technology including design and structural analysis tools, CFRP, clay models, 3D printers and scanners, 5-axis processing machines, and motion capture equipment.

This new partnership with a company positioned at the forefront of technology once again confirms just how important the future and new technologies are to the MIE Racing Honda Team. The collaboration will see team owner Ms. Midori Moriwaki and RDS Co., Ltd.  Representative Director and President Mr. Anri Sugihara develop some interesting joint projects in the near future.

Midori Moriwaki (MIE Racing Honda Team Owner)

“I am delighted to announce the new partnership with RDS Co., Ltd., a company that shares our vision and our strong orientation towards the future and that, like us, aspires to transform today’s dreams and projects into tomorrow’s reality. We are challenging a new era and we believe that the racetrack is not just about competition but is also the research base for many important technologies that can be used in the future. RDS & MIE will work as one, moving forward and developing exciting projects together.”

Anri Sugihara (Representative Director and CEO, RDS Co., Ltd.)

“RDS is honored to announce a new partnership with MIE Racing.  As well as its partnership with the Alpha Tauri team in F1 and Astemo Real Racing in Super GT, RDS has also been involved in a variety of other sports, carrying out R&D in wheelchair racing with Tomoya Ito as a test driver for example, and technically supporting athletes who raced in the Sochi and Beijing Paralympic Games and won a total of seven medals. With its involvement in sport, RDS aims to introduce a new lifestyle as well as pursue a brighter future in terms of mobility, which is not limited to motorsport fans.  Regardless of the sport itself, we believe that you can only strive to become the fastest when R&D is pushed to the limit. All the technologies and data acquired through such activities will eventually form new daily standards for everyone. I hope that this partnership will become a meaningful one among those who are already fans of motorsport, as well as open doors for newcomers so that they can see what this world is all about.”


For further information regarding RDS Co., Ltd. follow this link